Circulation of Stem Cells to Access the Brain

The intra-arterial stem cell procedure is the best method to introduce a large amount of stem cells into the brain’s circulation.

This is accessed though the carotid artery, via a spate catheter, which is then guided to specific areas of the body.

Described below is the preparation, procedure and post-care you can expect for a stem cell intra-arterial treatment.


Before your treatment begins, you will be evaluated by a physician. Your doctor will review your medical records, as well as any lab work or tests requested prior to you treatment.

Most importantly, we will answer any questions you might have. You will then be taken into an exam room where your vital signs will be checked and recorded.


  1. The stem cells are separated, prepared and activated for administration in a state of the art laboratory by our team of hematologists.
  2. Our cardiac specialist will locate the carotid artery and place the catheter.
  3. The stem cells are injected into the body through a separate catheter.
  4. The stem cells are guided to specific areas of the body, namely the coronary circulation (heart) or the internal carotid artery, for direct access to the brain’s circulation.


After the treatment, you will be taken to your room for recovery under close observation by the nursing staff. Typical recovery time for this stem cell treatment is around 2 hours.

The next day you will receive a second injection of stem cells. This procedure will be performed in your room. After full recovery, you will meet with your doctor to discuss any home care instructions, follow-up visits, and take-home prescriptions.

The doctor will also meet with you before your departure in order to familiarize you with the follow-up program and the many benefits it offers. The doctor will assist you in monitoring your condition, offer pertinent advice on how to manage it, answer any questions you may have regarding any prescription or home-care medication.

Medical phone consultations with your attending physician will be scheduled at this time, as necessary.

Your health is important to us, and to circumvent any financial difficulty, the follow-up program is offered at no additional cost.