Gastric Band Surgery (Lap Band) is a solution for patients who are morbidly obese and have struggle with losing weight for many years. At Angeles Hospital, Mexico’s most trusted and prestigious hospital network, our patients will enjoy the results they have been looking for but have failed to achieve in the past.

We work with the best medical leaders in their field with years of experience and the best medical team of cardiac anesthesiologists, internists and emergency/critical care, for our patient’s safety and overall medical experience. We performed our surgeries in superb medical facilities located in Mexico and use state of the art equipment for the best results. A gastric band procedure in the US and Canada can go over $18,000 dollars, however, at Angeles Hospital, your Lap Band surgery will be a fraction of the cost, giving you incredible savings.

Gastric band surgery is one of the safest weight-loss surgery to date, at Angeles Hospital our medical team works to make it as simple as possible and lower the possibilities of complications during the procedure and risks after it.

*Please note that weight loss results can vary greatly depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results or recovery time.

The Gastric Band or Lap Band
$5,995 – Save 50%

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Lap Band
-35% to -45% weight-loss

*Weight-loss varies by individual

30-35 BMI

Be among the hundreds of happy gastric band patients who have experienced the joys of fast and affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico with Angeles Hospital.

  1. All pre-op & post-op testing.
  2. All surgeon & anesthesiologist fees.
  3. Dedicated US based case management before, during and after your trip.
  4. Hospital stay of 2 nights in Tijuana.
  5. All nursing & hospital fees.
  6. Door-to-door ground transportation from San Diego Airport to the gated private hospital for the patient and companion.

Gastric Band Surgery is recommended when for patients who suffer from morbid obesity and have failed to lose weight with other treatment options. In addition, patients who are more likely to get pre-approved for a Roux-en-Y surgery include people with BMI of 40 or more, when the patients have been overweight for over five years or have a serious obesity-related health problem such as: high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea. 

Gastric Band surgery is performed under anesthesia in a hospital operating room, where three to five incisions of one-half to two inches are made in the upper abdomen, allowing our doctor to use special tools to place a gastric band containing a small balloon around the top portion of the stomach, forming a smaller gastric pouch.

Once in place, the pouch is filled with a saline solution through an injection port, which is attached to the abdominal wall under the skin. Saline expands the band and places pressure around the outside of the stomach. This decreases the size of the passage between the pouch and the lower stomach, restricting the movement of food. Using the injection port, the amount of saline in the band can be easily adjusted to create the passage optimal for maintaining consistent weight loss.

LAP-BAND® patients heal faster, recover more quickly, experience less pain, and leave the hospital sooner than patients undergoing other weight-loss procedures.

The adjustable gastric band can be modified without additional surgery, and the procedure is fully reversible — the stomach returns to normal if it is removed. LAP-BAND® surgery involves no cutting or stapling of the stomach and no bypassing of the intestines. It does not cause malnutrition as with malabsorptive procedures and does not cause dumping syndrome as with gastric bypass surgery. High blood pressure is cured or improved in 78% of patients who lose a significant amount of weight after weight loss surgery. Along with post-surgical weight loss, our patients also see great improvement in other co-morbidities such as pain from arthritis, the discomfort of sleep apnea, and illnesses such as diabetes.

*Please note that weight loss results can vary greatly depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results or recovery time. 

Dr. Juan Lopez Corvala

Our gastric band surgeries are performed by world-renowned weight-loss surgeon doctor Juan Lopez Corvala, an international subject matter expert with over twenty years’ experience and an impeccable reputation both in Mexico and abroad.

At Angeles Health Hospital, we’ve teamed the most trusted weight-loss surgeons, with a supporting team that includes registered surgical nurses, native English-speaking case managers and the best hospital facilities in Tijuana Mexico.

Learn more about our resident vertical sleeve surgeons.

The most common complications patients can have after a gastric band (lap band) surgery are: adverse reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, dehydration, infections, among others.

Your obesity surgical team will discuss the likelihood of these complications and what you as a patient can do to reduce or eliminate their occurrence.

*Please note that weight loss results can vary greatly depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific weight loss results or recovery time. 

LAP-BAND® (gastric band) patients who choose Angeles Health Mexico will be cared for by one of the best weight-loss surgery teams in the world. Patients who choose to come to Angeles Hospital Tijuana will find modern facilities that are equal to or even better equipped than U.S. hospitals. We place great importance on patient-centric care and have long-term experience with the specific needs of medical travel patients.

Angeles Health Mexico offers LAP-BAND® patients the peace of mind of having specialty and emergency services on hand including cardiac anesthesiologists, internists, and emergency/critical care services. At Angeles Health Mexico LAP BAND® patients can rest assured that they are in good hands that are ready and able to mitigate any risks.