Choosing the right weight loss surgery in Mexico can seem overwhelming with all the bad press out there but here are three easy steps that can ensure you choose the safest option.

  • Make sure they are accredited by COFEPRIS who is the Mexican version of the FDA. This will ensure they meet all of the legal, medical and hygiene guidelines. COFEPRIS has a very extensive set of guidelines and they are very thorough with their assessments.
  • Make sure they disclose the doctors name publicly so that you know who exactly is treating you.
  • Make sure they have well known accreditations and not just any type of fake accreditations used to mislead the patients.
    A Better Business Bureau hospital accreditation is an example, they will conduct rigorous check on every aspect of the service and do extensive background checks on the doctors so that you know you are getting treating with a legit medical institution.


    You can also check their website to see if they have any type of open complaints.