Dr. Ariel Perez, from out functional oncology team explains the application of conventional and innovative therapies applied to breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancers.

*Individual results for our functional oncology plan vary from patient to patient and are subject to medical evaluation.

Angeles Health Hospital’s functional oncology treatment plan is a holistic cancer treatment approach that combines the most successful modern medical cancer therapies along with natural cancer treatments and cancer nutrition plan designed specifically to the needs of each patient. Do to the nature of our treatments, our natural cancer treatments have no side effects, which has made us a great alternative cancer treatment options for patients from around the world that are looking for alternatives to chemotherapy and conventional treatments.

Out functional oncology team is the most trusted and experienced team of cancer doctors in Mexico including world renowned Dr. Donato Perez. We are the oldest medical institution and the largest private hospital network in Mexico with over 40 years of experience improving the lives of hundreds of cancer patients from around the world.

Potentiated Targeted Low Dose Therapy, is a breakthrough cancer treatment that harnesses the ability of chemotherapy drugs to destroy cancer cells without causing the side-effect to healthy cells, which conventional chemotherapy treatments normally do.

Angeles health hospital is the home of doctor Donato Perez Garcia, a world-renowned cancer treatments authority who continues to add cancer treatment innovation to conventional and alternative cancer medicine.


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Listen to our cancer survivor testimonials and their experiences at Angeles Health Hospital’s Cancer Center

At our Functional Oncology Program, we treat our patients like family. On this testimonial. we can hear one of our many cancer survivors talk about the excellent service he got from his doctor and the entire medical team, in his entire experience with Angeles Hospital.

Meet Derek, a medical tourist of Angeles Health International. Derek tells his story of fighting cancer using alternative cancer treatment methods provided at Angeles Health International.

Immunotherapy for Cancer (Dendritic Cell Vaccine)

Our bio-immune cellular therapy employs the use of dendritic cells, natural killer cells (NK cells), and lymphokine-activated killer cells (LAK cells) to suppress and eliminate malignant cancer cells.

Through extraction, manipulation and culture of a specific linage of cells from the immune system (white blood cells) which than makes it possible to provide a high concentration of a cell line, such as Dendritic cells, NK cells and CD34 to improve, enhance, reinforce and balance the immune response needed to fight disease.

Dendritic cells are the cancer fighting soldiers of your immune system. Find out more about the Angeles Functional Oncology Cancer Treatment Center of Mexico:

Transdermal Ozone Therapy (Oxygen Therapy)

Our transdermal ozone cancer therapy is a key component to our holistic cancer treatment approach which starts with the patient being in a stem cabinet to help open their pores, allowing the ozone to be introduce through the skin and to penetrate to the blood, lymph and fat. Patients then sweat the toxins out and a normal and healthy aerobic function is restored. This method is known as the most powerful methods of detoxing and oxygenating the body, because it prevents the recurrence of the problem.

Cancer Nutrition

At our Functional Oncology Cancer Center, we use nutrition as our first line of therapeutic defense. Our program recognizes that restoring nutritive balance is the essential first step to promote healing in a body that is stressed by the burden of invasive chronic illness.

Optimal nutrition creates a foundation all the way down at the cellular level for a strong and healthy body. Through understanding the relationship between our external environment (i.e. the food we ingest) and our internal environment (cellular function fueled by nutrient absorption) we can achieve a complete and balanced nutrition, essential to ensuring the harmonious system functioning that is at the core of what we think of as good health.

Our cancer nutrition hypo allergenic diet* plan will be designed to support detoxification and Alkalization through diet rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, high quality protein, high fiber, and low glycemic-index carbohydrates, all of which provide the essential factors for a healthy gastrointestinal system function and act to kick start the liver detoxification process that will reduce your toxic load.


Request you free brochure with details about of

functional oncology cancer treatment plan